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How to transfer funds into trust?
First of all, simple procedure of "Investment Account Opening" shall be followed. Then, at the investor's personal cabinet, you will be able to refill balance of your investment account in any convenient way. Thereafter, you'll be able to observe and control your profit growth - your money is in operation.

With what minimum amount investing may be started?
Minimum amount of investment account refilling makes up only USD 10. This is a fund's strategic position, and it will not be reviewed. High-profit investments into FOREX shall be available for everyone.

How to deposit the investment account?
Currently, your investment account balance may be refilled by means of the following electronic payment systems: : Perfect Money (You can depose with other payment system in this servise). We continuously work upon expansion of already significant list of possible options for investment account depositing.

How much do trust services cost?
For management of your investment account, our fund shall charge a fixed fee in the amount of 10% of actual profit for the reporting period. No provisional payments. Only payment in arrears. For example, you provided $10 000 for 1 month management. Total profit by results of the reporting month made up 25%. Fund's profit shall comprise 2.5% (10% of total profit), and your profit shall make up 22.5%, which comprises $2 250 in kind. Total balance of your investment account as of the end of the reporting period shall make up (on the basis of the example) $12 250. It's that simple.

Where can I find fund's profitability statistics?
The fund's profitability statistics is published on open access in the similar-named website section, and on the desktop of an investor's personal cabinet. Maximum transparency of work is one of our fund's strategic priority.

What is the scheme for interest accrual?
Income shall be accrued on a weekly on Saturday or Sunday and shall be displayed in the investor's personal cabinet. Accrual scheme: interest on investment account balance amount. For example, balance of your investment account as of the period starting date makes up $10 000. Net profit (less Fund's fees) made up 1% for the first day, 0.95% - for the second day, 1.2% - for the third day. Investment account balance as of the fourth day beginning shall comprise: $10 000 + $100 (1% for the first day) + $95 (0.95% for the second day) + $120 (1.2% for the third day) = $10 315. Capitalization may be increased by means of reinvesting the obtained profit. To do so, you shall make a respective application in the investor's personal cabinet.

Limitations on investment account balance amount
Minimum investment account balance to be transferred for trust makes up $10. There are no limitations on maximum balance amount.

Limitations on investment account management period
Minimum investment account management period is 90 days. There is no maximum period.

Manual cash application processing procedure
If you observe a simple procedure described in the investor's personal cabinet, maximum period for manual cash application processing shall be 24 hours. If you fail to observe or partially observe the procedure, application processing procedure will take 48 hours.

Traders participating in investors' accounts management
Currently, our fund's team is composed of 5 professional traders with at least 5-year experience in market operations.

Forecast of investor's monthly income
According to statistics, average profitability of FM Traders investment fund traders for the previous two and a half years was positive and made up 20.3% per month.

Partner incentive plan
In the investor's personal cabinet, in "Referrals" section, you'll find your personal link by means whereof you can invite your acquaintances and friends, earning 3% of their investment account refilling amount.


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