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What is Forex?

The World Financial Market of the currency exchange is called Forex – short from Foreign Exchange. The market was established in 1976 resulting from the transition of the World Economy from Gold Standard to the free currency exchange. The necessity of the market arose due to the need of the free flow of funds between various states.

Initially Forex was aimed only to the currency exchange, but eventually people learned how to gain money on the difference of exchange rates, these speculations became for many a good source of income. Exchange rates are very unstable which makes buying and selling of currencies very profitable.


High-yield trade. Forex has become for many people not only a profession but also an amazing means to save and increase their capital. The profitability of the trade far exceeds the inflation rate. Thus, traders and private investors are able to get the highest personal income.
Making profit regardless of the market trend. Profitable Forex trade is possible both in rising and falling of exchange rates. The falling of one currency leads to the raising of other currency. This feature favorably distinguishes currency market from, for example, stock market which is often dominated by one single trend, making it difficult to trade, and not allowing to profit from the short-term transactions. This Forex feature protects traders and investors from the impact of economic crises. In case of crisis, the stock exchange may collapse while currency market continues to work as if nothing had happened.
Possibility to make profit 24 hours a day. Forex trading continues 24 hours a day. This feature is explained by the fact that trading occurs all over the world and in different time zones. The trade is stopped only on weekend, resulting in Forex trades performed 5 days a week 24 hours a day.
The market is not attached to a particular place. Forex does not have a physical location. The trades are made online through terminals, the special software for the trades. Using terminals you can buy or sell currency from any place in the world if you have the Internet access.
It is interesting! It’s not only profitable but also interesting and exciting to trade in Forex. To maximize your profit you have to follow the world news and learn the new features of the market.


Central banks of various countries. The Central banks of the states influence the exchange rates of its currencies by buying it up or selling it off on the domestic interbank market. Besides, they establish important credit indices (such as the refinancing rate), which also can significantly impact the exchange rates of the national currencies.
Commercial banks.Commercial banks are the main Forex market makers. Namely these banks ‘make the market’ because they are directly involved in the exchange procedures. It forms a general demand and supply, defining the exchange rates.
Importers and Exporters. A huge number of transactions in the financial markets are hold by the companies engaged in export or import of various products. They sell the foreign currency they received for the goods for their national currency. On the other hand, they need to buy currencies of other states where their foreign strategic business partners are located.
Forex Dealing centers. These are non-bank organizations offering their clients to trade in financial markets with their own small capital.
Funds. The main objective of any fund (investment, retirement, insurance, hedge funds) is profit. These funds are large organizations therefore their Forex trades are quite voluminous and significantly influence the prices of currencies.


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