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About Trust Management

If you want to minimize risks and get high and stable income without looking into details of trading on the currency market, Forex trust management is what you need!

Forex trust management is a possibility to trust your funds for multiplying to experienced skilled traders, who are perfectly aware of trading strategies and are able to make profits regardless of market conditions.

Trust management tool is paid from profits only. Our fundís interest rate is fixed and is 10% from profits earned.

Letís take a closer look at how it works:

You signed up for FM Traders fund
Then you trusted to our management your investment account with prior $1000 (one thousand USD) deposited
One month later fundís profit for trading period is 23%
Fundís fixed fee for your account management is 10%
Therefore, your and fundís profits are calculated the following way:

YOUR PROFIT = $230 (total profit in the amount of 23% from the investment account before fund fees deduction) - $23 (10% from total profit) = $207.

This, in this example your monthly income is $207 with $1000 investment. That is 20.7% for a month.

FUNDíS PROFIT = $230 (total profit in the amount of 23% from the investment account) x 10% (fundís fixed fee) = $23.

Thus, fundís profit for this operation is $23.

As you can see, itís even more than easy and transparent.


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