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About Us

So, like other people traders have their slang words because they also keep a good imagination and a sense of humor.

In the below mention list the detail of all the main terms of slangs is presented .These slangs are usually used by market traders in their non-formal communication. This list of slangs will help the newcomer on the market for getting into the trading swiftly.

Bull market “bullish”: when the market is upward.

Bear market “bearish”: when the market is downward.

Margin call: When losses exceed margin, a margin call is given at that moment either you have to refill your account or reduce some open trades.

Tick, Item: It is a small step that brings change in the prices.

Long (position): Whenever some traders buy something with an assumption of increase in price in future time

Short (position): when traders sell something on the assumption of drop in price.

Heat: When they talk about the big risks in trades.

Range: Whenever the market is stagnant, mean no down or upward trend for a while.

Flat (Square): When traders sell all stocks.

Setup: specific environment for trading.

Gap: It is a difference between a last period close price and a next period open price.

Whipsaw: It is a position of volatile markets and in this condition a movement in price is sharp followed by same sharp reversal.

Rally: It is a recovery period after the decline in the market.

Profit (Gain): Earned money gained after selling stock.

Loss: Lost money after selling stock.

Pip (Point): A last digit, like, in Euro/USD one point=0.0001.

Slippages: It is the execution of the order, when market is fast but the broker has low liquidity and due to this he cannot execute your order.

Drawdown: It is in the Forex trading account value.

Squeeze: It is action, for raising the money price by any central bank.

Limit: When they place orders for buying or selling currencies at a particular price or more.

Lock: When you open 2 positions for one stock with one specification and size in diverse directions.

Majors: It means the most famous pairs of currencies are available to trade. Like AUD/USD, , USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and EUR/USD. In the contrary ‘Exotics” are less traded pairs.

Cable: British Pound, GBP.

Aussie: Australian Dollar, AUD.

Swissie: Swiss Federation franc, CHF.

Kiwi: New Zealand dollar, NDZ.

Loonie: Canadian Dollar, CAD.

Holy Grail: It is a consistently profitable trade system.


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