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About Us

My name is Victor Purin. I am 35 years old. I am the founder and managing trader of Delta Traders open investment fund.

I have honed the skills of trading in the foreign exchange market for more than 8 years before I created my own team. During this time there was everything: both disappointments and successes. I researched the market and its psychology patiently and insistently. Step by step by acquiring comprehensive experience I gained professional flair and confidence in my own capabilities.

Hereupon, the dream arose: to make investing in the Forex market accessible and profitable for everybody, not only for large investors and professional traders.

During 2011, I have formed a team of like-minded traders which I am rightly proud of to the present day. At the very beginning we worked on the principle of a closed private investment fund, providing trust management services to our friends and acquaintances. Gradually, the range of our customers has begun to expand dynamically beyond our optimistic expectations.

In October 2012, in response to impetuous expansion of the range of investors and their need for additional financial guarantees, we have founded FM Traders.

My dream has come true: now everyone can earn 20% per month on average having in disposal even $10 (ten UD dollars).

I have always brought myself up as a moderate trader making average but stable profit percentage without deals dangerous for a deposit. Delta Traders team includes professionals who share my views and values. Our trading strategy is based on the principles of financial management and risk management, without which any strategy is dangerous and unprofitable.

For more than two and a half years, from February 2011 to the present day (i.e. for the whole period of work of our team), we consistently provide average returns on investment for our investors at the level of 20% per month. Our satisfied investors are the best confirmation of this.

Appreciate the benefits of working with us!

We guarantee a high level of service, complete financial and information security, and the most important thing – stable high profit. 20% per month is real.

Your managing trader, Victor Purin.


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